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There Are 3 Things You Need to Be a Competitive Cornhole Player...

Proper Mechanics

Improper mechanics can only take you so far in the game of competitive cornhole. Any player can learn to throw a bag straight and 30 feet but consistency comes from having a predictable bag.

Mindset Mastery

Once a player can demonstrate proper mechanics consistently they will notice that their mind often gets in the way of peak performance. Understanding how to "get in the zone" and stay there is crucial for long-term success.


Players notice that in order to win they must make it through long tournament days and weekends. Therefore proper health and stamina is required for consistent success on the boards.

ACL Academy Will Give You All 3 Components

I'll Be Your Host Here


Meesh Here, I've been working closely with cornhole experts for the past few years as well as hosting podcasts and reporting for the ACL...


More About Me
Sarah Hodgson

"I have found that the mental tools have allowed me to "reset" much quicker allowing me to get my focus back and reduct the impact on my game. Tips - I have learned a lot about throwing bags. Things no one taught me when I began playing this game - sure there are ways to throw a flat bag, but the depth of the swing, how to hold the bag, the "snap" for spin. These are all new to me. Throwing in the 8's for PPR now"

Josh Bauman

"This is a great place to interact with players who have a primary focus of improving their cornhole game. There are plenty of other forums to sell bags, repeatedly ask the same questions, criticize rules, and complain in typical keyboard-warrior-esq fashion. This is not one of them."

John Pressley

"I retired recently, and so now I have the time to try and take my game from the backyard with friends to a higher level. I've learned so much already with mechanics and mindset that I had no idea even existed. I really see Joining ACL Academy as a good decision Towards getting to that next level and beyond. Didn't even know what PPR was before I joined. Mine is about 4.8 to 5.0 practicing on my own."

What You Can Expect From ACL Academy

Each month experts will teach and support you on your cornhole journey. PLUS you receive mindset and health support from me, your host! And it all happens in a private community of amazing players just like you!

Mechanics Teaching Calls

Each month an expert will conduct a LIVE virtual session for members only to help you with your mechanics, strategy, and shot making. These are available live or via replay.

Mindset Teaching Calls

Each month an expert will conduct a LIVE virtual session for members only to help you with your mindset and psychology. These are available live or via replay.

Daily Challenges in a Private Community

Members will have a private Facebook Group where the monthly experts can help and support while participating in daily challenges to improve your health, stamina, and cornhole game.

Member Discounts

Members get discount pricing on cornhole clinics with ACL pros to benefit from in-person expert help and to meet fellow members in person. These will take place at ACL Opens!

I'm Ready To Become a Better Cornhole Player

Some of Our Experts...

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Devon Harbaugh

Top ACL Pro

Anthony Ayon

"The Professor" and Founder of Cornhole Science

Darrell Thompson

Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Teacher, & Competitor



  • Monthly Mechanics Expert 
  • Monthly Mindset Expert 
  • Archives of Past Recordings 
  • Private FB Group
  • Health Resources 
  • Member pricing on Cornhole Clinics
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